A Jesuit Challenge: Edmond Campion's Debates at the Tower of by James V. Holleran

By James V. Holleran

Within the yr 1581, after 4 days of debating six best Anglican divines on the Tower of London, Jesuit Edmund Campion (1540-1581) was once placed to loss of life simply because he wouldn't deny his religion. In 1970, the martyred Campion used to be canonized a saint. A Jesuit problem is a book-length version of formerly unpublished Catholic manuscript money owed of these debates.. As corrective historic files, those Catholic manuscripts show a really various photo of Campion and his competitors from that represented within the government's released model, and therefore provide us a fuller and extra balanced figuring out of what really happened. as well as their old price, the Catholic manuscripts additionally contain vigorous exchanges among Campion and his competitors, and supply humanizing information about them. As customized files they seize the dramatic taste of a sequence of lively debates facing the most important theological concerns isolating Protestant England from Catholic Rome in Elizabeth's reign.. including a transcription of the Catholic manuscript bills, Holleran offers a basic old advent to the debates, a close description of the manuscripts, short supplementary commentaries concerning the debates, and an entire set of explanatory notes.

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An account of the alternatives available to "moderate" Catholics and "moderate" Puritans appears in Cases of Conscience by Elliot Rose (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1975). M. Knappen, Tudor Puritanism (1939; Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 1970), esp. pp. 494-518, for an historical survey of studies about Puritanism; Mark H. H. Green, Religion at Oxford and Cambridge (London: SCM Press, 1964). 17 A large number of historical studies reveal a renewed interest in the religious problems of Elizabeth's reign.

In addition to her claim to the throne, Mary's ties with France allied her with a powerful enemy of England, and as queen of Scotland she threatened England's northern border. Finally, as a Catholic, Mary was associated with England's archenemy, the Church of Rome, and she was looked upon by many English Catholics as their potential liberator. The English Parliament trembled at the prospect that a successful assassination plot against Elizabeth might make Mary Stuart their queen and that she, like Mary Tudor before her, would restore the old religion and make England a papal pawn in European power struggles.

Yanders. My largest debt is to the members of my family, to Ann, Erin, Brigid, and Meghan. I wish also to thank the administrative and staff members at the following libraries for their generous assistance: Bodleian, British, Jesuit Archives (London), Campion Hall and St. John's College (Oxford), Stonyhurst, Library of Congress, Folger, Notre Dame, Michigan, Illinois, Chicago, Boston College, Detroit-Mercy, St. Louis, and Missouri-Columbia. 1 By 1580 she had effectively demonstrated her mastery of the art of political survival and had already emerged as one of England's most effective rulers.

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