A Quarter Century of Post-Communism Assessed by M. Steven Fish, Graeme Gill, Milenko Petrovic

By M. Steven Fish, Graeme Gill, Milenko Petrovic

This edited quantity seeks to appreciate and clarify the development of various nationwide and neighborhood good fortune in post-communist political and financial transition around the post-communist international. regardless of common hopes for the advance of energetic democratic political platforms and colourful marketplace economies, the results of 1 / 4 century of post-communist transition within the nations of the previous communist bloc in Eurasia were broadly version. a few have matched those hopes, together with changing into complete contributors of the european; others have fallen a long way brief, with political and monetary structures little replaced from the communist period. This assortment, with an the world over revered record of participants, addresses a number of the urgent matters in political technological know-how and transition experiences, starting from theoretical overviews to the extra particular nitty-gritty of up to date politics.

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Elites and mass publics alike longed to join Europe and reap the economic benefits of EU membership. Since the EU requires that new entrants be democracies, the countries that had a shot at meeting the economic criteria for accession also had an incentive to hold free elections and uphold civil rights. The countries of the former USSR (plus Mongolia), excluding the Baltic states, did not have a good chance of meeting the economic criteria for membership, and therefore did not have the same incentives to meet the EU’s political standards (Dimitrova and Pridham 2004).

J. (2003) Machiavelli’s children: leaders and their legacies in Italy and Japan. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press. , & Skach, C. (1993). Constitutional frameworks and democratic consolidation: parliamentarism versus presidentialism. World Politics, 46(1), 1–22. Varieties of Democracy. (2016). V-Dem data version 6. net/en/ data/data-version-6/. Retrieved February 2016. M. Steven Fish is Professor of Political Science at the University of CaliforniaBerkeley. He has published six authored or co-authored books and numerous journal articles and book chapters on democracy and regime change in developing and post-communist countries, religion and politics, and constitutional systems and national legislatures.

If Mongolia has been running mostly on luck, it is possible that structural limitations will catch up with it. As the country’s reliance on energy resources extracted from the ground grows, will Mongolians be able to maintain open politics? Might they experience something like the spiral of corruption and consequent disillusionment with democracy that afflicted Russia in the 1990s, with similar results for political regime? Or can Mongolia continue to beat the odds? Bulgaria’s much-better-than-predicted performance raises similar questions.

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