A Queering of Black Theology: James Baldwin's Blues Project by E. Kornegay

By E. Kornegay

Using the chosen novels and essays of James Baldwin together with a concept and approach to queering, this e-book constructs a black theology of liberation that engages the vitally important query within the new millennium: How will we reconcile sexualities with religion? EL Kornegay, Jr. seeks to respond to that question by means of putting intercourse within the position the place rage produces theological violence understood as sexism and homophobia, and informs how we speak about sexuality when it comes to race, God, the gospel and liberation. hence A Queering of Black Theology: James Baldwin's, Blues undertaking and Gospel Prose is a 3rd iteration black theological undertaking that's the subsequent logical evolution past a black theology of liberation and black Womanist theology.

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I am identifying puritanism as a historical problem working at the subjective level of consciousness informing aspects of the black religious tradition in relation to sexual agency. ”96 As such, historical consciousness creates a problem of properly locating puritan religious influences on black religion because of its metaphorical exemption from history and black religious rhetoric. The interpretation of captivity creates allegorical room both spiritually and physically for black bodies. This is a hermeneutic dispensation—an allegorical defense—made manifest as a sexualized discourse, which reveals the subjective nature of puritanism on the black psyche.

62 Baldwin does not regard Christianity or society as innately unsafe; but rather he exposes the metaphorical oppressiveness of blackness caused by the principle of religious Blindness that masks puritanism as the catalyst that makes Christian society so unsafe for black bodies. However, the language of black Christianity, which he sees as the most tangible piece of his inheritance/heritage—his blackness—is metaphorically dependent on the principle of blindness, meaning puritanism remains out of sight in the creation of the bifurcated (racial and religious) psychological complexity informing the oppressive nature of black religion.

Rowlandson uses her strict puritan interpretation of captivity to establish an allegorical connection to Job, while Marousis-Bush is relating his experience of the limitations caused by the metaphoric connection of puritanism to holiness Pentecostalism. ”91 Rowlandson establishes an allegorical connection between her experience of captivity with the suffering and redemption of Job that extends to God making it allegorical. This same strictness when applied to black people reveals a different form of captivity—one that does not extend to God, but to Ham, making the connection to Ham’s captivity perpetual and therefore 34 A Queering of Black Theology metaphorical.

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