A Veiled Reflection by Tracie Peterson

By Tracie Peterson

Jillian struggles to fill the shoes--and identity-- of her exact dual sister amid the stern principles and exercises of the Arizona Harvey condominium. whilst the neighborhood health care provider inadvertently discovers her ruse, he creates a plan of his personal. Westward Chronicles ebook three.

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Judith nodded. “Why do you think I fled to work for Mr. Harvey? I figured at twenty-two, I deserved to put my sights on life, not death. ” “You make it sound as if you’re trying on a new outfit. Marriage is a lifetime commitment,” Jillian told her sister quite seriously. “Silly goose, of course it is. I wouldn’t think of it any other way. It’s just that some women go into marriage acting as though their life is over. ” Jillian shook her head. ” She honestly meant every word. Just thinking about Judith’s proposition caused her heart to beat a little faster.

Dr. Mac will be gettin’ a real laugh out of seein’ ya again so soon,” Kate said. Jillian knew nothing about what Kate was talking about and had no chance to question her on it as they stepped out the back door of the Harvey House and crossed the sandy dirt road to where the doctor’s small wood and stone house stood. Kate knocked loudly on the door, then grinned at Jillian. “I almost wish it were me to be seein’ the doc. He’s surely the handsomest man I’ve ever laid me eyes to. ” came the muffled call from within the house.

She looked away and tried to steady her nerves. It was silly to get so upset simply thinking about such matters. But in truth, Jillian found this to be her Achilles’ heel. Judith patted her hand. “Forgive me. I forgot how hard these things are on you. ” Jillian shook her head. “I don’t know why it’s so hard to face up to. I was such a ninny when Grandma took sick. I guess I just kept thinking of all her superstitions about sick and dying people. ‘Don’t look them in the eye or you’ll be next. ’ I mean, I know it’s all ridiculous, but that old woman had me tossing and turning with nightmares for the past five years!

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