Alternative Sets in Language Processing: How Focus by Nicole Gotzner

By Nicole Gotzner

This publication offers a singular experimental method of investigating the psychological illustration of linguistic possible choices. Combining theoretical and psycholinguistic questions in regards to the nature of different units, it sheds new mild at the thought of concentration and the cognitive mechanisms underlying the processing of possible choices. In a chain of language comprehension experiments, the writer exhibits that intonational concentration and concentration debris akin to ‘only’ form the illustration of possible choices in a listener’s brain in a primary means. This publication is proper to researchers drawn to semantics, pragmatics, language processing and memory.

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38 Alternative Sets in Language Processing Krifka, M. (1992). A compositional semantics for multiple focus constructions. In J. ), Informationsstruktur und Grammatik (pp. 17–53). Berlin: Springer. Krifka, M. (2007). Basic notions of information structure. In C. Féry, G. Fanselow, & M. ), The notions of information structure. Interdisciplinary Studies on Information Structure (ISIS) (Vol. 6, pp. 13–55). Potsdam: University of Potsdam. Kripke, S. A. (2009). Presupposition and anaphora: Remarks on the formulation of the projection problem.

Prime: antenna and target: TELEVISION). Those target words were associated with the critical primes by general world knowledge but could not replace them, that is, they were no alternatives to the focused elements. The results revealed a slight overall priming effect for non-contrastive targets such that these items were recognized faster in the related (non-contrastively associated) than unrelated prime conditions. Crucially, however, no interaction between prosodic conditions and relatedness was found.

Almor, 1999; Almor & Eimas, 2008; Klin, Weingartner, Guzmán, & Levine, 2004; Foraker & McElree, 2007; Carlson, Dickey, Frazier, & Clifton, 2009). 5 These previous studies indicate that focus structure might guide sentence processing by highlighting new or important information and distressing given or backgrounded information. Most of the early work on focus was interested in the processing/representation of focal information itself but not so much in the representation of focus alternatives.

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