Proclus' Commentary on Plato's Parmenides by Glenn R. Morrow

By Glenn R. Morrow

An English translation of a big paintings via the good Neoplatonist thinker, whose remark tremendously inspired later medieval and Renaissance idea. It contains a whole account of Proclus's personal metaphysical procedure, disguised within the kind of statement.

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2 Cf. pp. 34 ff. ^"Apology 21d5-7. •^Theaetetus 150b6-9. ^Ibid 149c9-150a6. ^ To his ability to test a thought,-,-whet her it be true or false, he confesses readily 2 enough; but this art is unlike anything which midlives perform (women never bear shadows). )

2 130e5 ff. **128c7-dl. £ Cf. supra pp. I-3. 28 As the parallel passages, then, reflect the apologetic nature of these dialogues,"'" so the subtle additions and subtractions, which Plato introduced in each, reflect the different circumstances underlying them. Thus just as the sophists are praised more highly before the rustic Demodocus and Theages than before the jury 2 of the Apology, so the daimonion enlarges its powers before them. Being more gullible they are given more to swallow. ^Phe parallels are the following: Theages 127e6-128a7 with Apology 19el-20a2 (for which see pp.

Ro'Z ^ o vJo o (I29a3), though grammatically unimpeachable, has aroused much suspicion, which the explanation offered on page 21 might allay; and this from Aristophanes. Trygaeus concludes ^ \ c ^ C ^ y an exhortation thus: v o v ^ PTTtCCToLc. To which the chorus adds, defining that good daemon: §^£7 U £> o TToL^ Contrariwise, the wretch Timarchus met misfortune, £ u $ 0 6 ^"Aristophanes Peace 300-301.

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